Friday, August 28, 2009

What is RSS, and why should you use it?

RSS is a great way to get live updating information from your favorite blogs. It commonly translates to "Really Simple Syndication", but I want to help you understand the true meaning, and usefulness, of RSS. RSS is always originally a raw feed. This raw feed are recent posts by the website/blog. This is basically what RSS is. There are many many useful tools with RSS, but I am only going to name a few.
To read the raw feed, you need a reader. There are many readers out there. I would only use one. Google Reader. Google Reader is sleek, efficient, and can manage all of your blogs in one place. If you have IGoogle, then you can have RSS feeds updated there. I have a list of popular readers here

Google Reader
Newsgator (mac)
RSS Reader

If you want a firefox RSS reader, look no further, because firefox already has one implemented! When you are on a page that supports RSS there should be a symbol around the area marked here that looks like the one at the top of the page. You can click on it and all of your blogs will be updated right in firefox!
Now if you are a blog or website owner, feedburner is a great thing for you. Feedburner can provide great resources for your RSS feed. You can track how many people subscribe to your feed, and provide easier links for people to subscribe.
Thanks, and I hoped I helped. Please subscribe to my RSS feed, and follow my twitter!

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