Saturday, August 29, 2009

Greasemonkey, and what it is useful for.

Greasemonkey is a firefox addon that has something for everyone. It allows anyone to manipulate a webpage with javascript. You can write your own (learn here), or get some at a page (I'll talk about this later). But what does Greasemonkey really have the power to do?
It can turn myspace into a clean front page, instead of all the clutter there usually is. (found here)
Anything you can do in javascript to edit a page, you can do in greasemonkey. You can get rid of ads, clutter, or anything you want to manipulate.

Now, there are some addons that bundle useful greasemonkey scripts for a webpage. Here lies most of the addons that compile greasemonkey scripts, from Better GReader to Better Youtube. Some things in these addons are very useful, especially if you use these websites alot. There are hundreds of scripts on Userscripts. If you use the web, Greasemonkey will help you somewhere along the way.

Find it here:
And the addon homepage is: 

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  1. Oh wow, I never knew about this thing! Haha, this sounds fun and something I can even do! :)
    Thank you for sharing,