Sunday, August 30, 2009

Java and Netbeans

Now this is for all of you devs, and those interested in how their favorite games or applications are made and work. If you want real interviews from users and makers of java, look here. Java is a very useful, and versatile thing, but first thing is first, what can it be used for? Java is used for everything from applications to games. Java is made by Sun Microsystems. If you want something that is used very widely, and is fairly easy to use, Java is what you want.
Now all programming languages need a compiler. This is needed to turn the code into what the computer can read and interpret. Now there are many Java compilers out there. I only recommend two. The one that comes with JDK (Java Development Kit). It is not very easy to set up, and if you make an error, it is hard to tell what you did wrong. However, it is more traditional, and many developers like this. Then there is Netbeans. Netbeans compiles several languages, and can take scripts from one language and put them into a project with another. Netbeans is pretty cool, and I would surely recommend Netbeans.
Happy programming, and if anyone wants me to get more indepth on Java and Netbeans, please contact me.


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