Sunday, September 12, 2010

Google Me: Massive Success or Complete Failure?

Google Me is a new product in development by the tech giant Google. The rumors have recently been confirmed, and so this leads us to the question: Will this be a huge success like GMail, or a huge failure like Wave?

The first thing we cannot discount is Orkut. This Google owned social networking site is already functioning and isn't huge, but it is a pretty major player.

After that, we have to ask, what else can Google bring to the social networking table? Amid the Facebook security controversy, and Diaspora, is there an opportunity for Google among the social networking giants?

I think that Google Me won't make a huge difference in the market. Despite all of the security problems, Facebook already has the market clinched. Google waited too long to make this move, and their best bet is to acquire a social network in my opinion.

Only time can tell if Google can pull a huge success after the failure with Wave.

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